The Art/Craft Divide

Walking into an exhibition, one carries expectations that are usually based on past experience. If new to the experience, the ideas that underpin our expectations could spring from anywhere – language, television, marketing … anywhere.

If there are to be paintings at the exhibition, then our minds might expect art.

If there are to be ceramics, do we then expect craft?

My experience now tells me that such a neat divide doesn’t work. In the many exhibitions I’ve seen at the Canberra Potters Society, some feel more art than craft, yet others are definitely only craft. This is a very subjective response. It’s my response. So, following a recent conversation, I’ve been thinking about a typology that …

Collage, chaos and change

The word, collage, comes from the French coller, “to glue”. It’s a very pre-digital activity.

I started using collage as a way of salvaging photographs and paintings that didn’t work. It evolved into an end in itself when I found myself picking up the camera for the sole purpose of creating a collage.

Photography is often described as a way of seeing. Dissecting the images and re-arranging them pushes that idea further. The action reminds me that …