Objectively Sweeping – Viewerless

Objectively Sweeping

When out walking with my camera, back in the days of my DLSR, there were occasions when an object was sufficiently striking that it demanded more than just a single snap of the shutter.

Abandoning the viewfinder, I would sweep my extended arm across and around while randomly clicking away. And I was most happy when the results captured something of the essence of my experience.

The project stalled when I moved to the smartphone camera.

The Project’s Rules:

Confront the view; abandon the viewfinder; take the photos; find the view.

Project Duration:


Orange and Yellow Circles

Red Arch


Black Mountain Peninsula – The exuberance of a colouful playground

Acton Peninsula – The willingness to see the world through a different viewpoint

Chopping up aeroplanes – Trying to find interesting photographs in an unphotogrpahic setting