Mini Jigsaws

Mini Jigsaws

Small constructions created from a few select pieces of a recently completed jigsaw.

Looking down at the completed puzzle, it’s clear to me that I’ve invested myself in this experience, – a day, a week, perhaps weeks – so its time for reflection.

What stood out? Perhaps a colour. Perhaps a particular element of the process. An enjoyment. A frustration.

Project Rules

The challenge is to capture the essence of my experience by using only a selection of unconnected pieces and re-assembling them into a mini jigsaw.

When the photo is taken, the pieces are returned to the box. A blog post is created to document and explain.

Project Duration:

Beginning December 2013


Rosalie and Ralph
Mindfully Blue
Point of Difference
Studying the alternative
Sorting the indistinguishable
Mindfully Yellow

A full list of the posts created for each Mini Jigsaw.