Mini Jigsaws

Small constructions

created from a few select pieces of a recently completed jigsaw …  why should the fun stop when the last piece has been placed!

The original posts

Driving home a point on the bookshelfDriving home a point on the bookshelf

I’m not a reader by nature, yet I’m surrounded by books.

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Felling hazelnuts with a single blow

Dark and delightful, with a little bit of worry for good measure.

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Medieval paradox

I’ll admit it; I was enchanted by the medieval in my younger days.

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Point of difference

Too much similarity.  I scream for difference.

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Just a Clue Just a clue

The image on the box is not the image on the jigsaw. Some translation is required!

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Sorting the indistinguishableSorting the indistinguishable

I am uncomfortably reminded of how the jigsaw puzzle encourages the idea of everything its rightful place.

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EyesStudying the alternative

What world have I entered?  The eyes keep bobbing to the surface as I sort through the pieces.

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New York Blue New York Blue

The streets and park are in place.  The harbour remains; each piece the same shade of blue.

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Jigsaw gemsRecapturing life’s jewel moments

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Through and beyond the accent

It’s not what I thought!  It seems this introvert needs to embrace the unexpected.

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Rosalie and Ralph

I’m re-constructing reproductions of two artists who made a living from constructions .

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