Field Trips

Getting out

or staying at home? Of course it has to be the latter.

Sometimes I come back from these small excursions with a photo essay, and sometimes just a series of photos.  There are some longer discussions about forays into the unknown, and some attempts to understand how it all works or might work.

An explorer isn’t an explorer without exploring!

A Country Drive – Koorawatha Falls

This is one definitely about the journey rather than the destination.

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Holman Bridge December 2015Holman Bridge, Gooloogong – Fourth Instalment

Comparing the two photos – 2012 with 2015 – I know which one I prefer.

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Can I Take Photos When Catching Up With Friends?

I want to get my camera out, but it’s an intrusion on friend-time.  Should I?

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Chopping Up Aeroplanes

Some locations just aren’t photogenic. I blame the event organisers.

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Haig Park, Braddon

It’s long and narrow, with trees that are are densely packed, light and dark.

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Keeping It Local

Seeing things I don’t normally see in places I routinely visit.

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Walk Number 7a – Nara Peace Park

For a park designed for reflection, I was surprised at the visual feast.

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Walk Number 5b – Black Mountain Penninsula

I expected lake-frontage bushland.  I didn’t expect brightly coloured, oversized playground equipment.

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