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Will you please stop fussing over what to write next, just go to the first box, pick up the next object and write about it. (Kewpie Doll was the first object.) So I did. I went to the box, put Kewpie to one side andContinue reading “Ownership”

Objectifying fascination

A fascination with objects must start somewhere. Some people are fascinated by animals. Or nature. Both of these are socially acceptable. People become zoologists or botanists or environmentalists, or tv documentarians. People who are fascinated by objects can become museum curators or conservators. They becomeContinue reading “Objectifying fascination”

The kewpie doll

Her face hasn’t fared well, and I dare not try to remove the dent. Yet, her eyes are as arresting as ever. This dainty little kewpie doll was found amoung my grandmother’s things. It’s age is unknown, unknowable. When I started digging online into theContinue reading “The kewpie doll”

A useful distraction?

Where does nostalgia fit when there are so many things clamouring for our attention? Knowing and understanding history has its benefits, but at what point do the costs (time, resources, opportunities) outweigh the benefits, particularly when talking about the personal (as distinct from the institutional)Continue reading “A useful distraction?”

Mum’s evening purse

When we make something for ourselves, we invest ourselves in the result, and then often confront disappointment if it seems less-than-professional. Shopping brings an instant hit and, hopefully, a satisfactorily assembled item. Once upon a time, making was a necessary function of the home-maker. Shop-boughtContinue reading “Mum’s evening purse”


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