This project started a few months after buying my first smart phone. I was stuck in a mob of sheep, snapped a photo and sent it to my family. “Guess what, I’m stuck in a mob of sheep”. The possibilities started to dawn.

Everyday was intended as a cognitive booster and became a game where awareness of one’s surroundings was to be maintained WHILE focused on the task at hand. Or to put it another way, the necessary routine occupied centre stage but the events in the wings, on the periphery, weren’t ignored.

As a result, the 440 images I posted to Everday were glimpses of life that snatched at me when I wasn’t “looking”. There is probably a blog post needed to explain why the game pettered out when I moved away from the big city. Or perhaps that’s obvious.

Project Aim:

The aim was to find a balance between, on the one hand, strengthening the ability to stay focused and, on the other hand, letting the wonders of life stimulate and excite.

Project Duration:

July 2015 to July 2019


Below is a selection of images from Everyday to demonstrate the variety and patterns that attracted my attention during those four years.