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A suitcase made of metal – it was an odd combination in an object.  It was so small that an adult might have described it as a lidded tray, but to a child it was just the right size to be called a suitcase.  It contained the photographic slides from my father’s 35mm camera.  It was a suitcase of memories before my memory kicked in.

For the young of today, I suppose the equivalent will be computer screens and TVs.  These objects are associated with all manner of entertainment, as well as work.  That little metal suitcase had only one function.  The lines of objectiveness were not, and still are not, blurred.  It just is what it is.

But now it also represents uncluttered functionality.

Another example – my camera is only my camera.  I do not choose when it will be a phone, or a browser, or when it will capture images.  When I pick up my camera, my mind focuses.

To be truthful, my mind focuses better some days than others.  I’ve started a series to be called “Road’s Edge”.  The sudden transition from driver to photographer is itself a process for further contemplation.

The web has become an amazing source of images.  Sharing photographs, without charge, is one of the delights of this interconnected world.  The quality, both technical and compositional, varies greatly.  But that’s OK.  It takes the pressure off.

I’m happy to say “What about these?”, and continue learning.


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