2013 Will Be The Year Of …

I’ve started collecting stories about perspiration.  What makes you sweat?  There’s the one about the lady who boarded the bus each morning, dripping of sweat after walking up a long hill.  Passengers visibly cringed as if to say “Please don’t sit next to me!” What does this have to do with new year resolutions? ForContinue reading “2013 Will Be The Year Of …”

A new strategy for your new year resolution?

Exploring opens up new possibilities. Establishing a personal “Year Of” is one way of finding new possibilities, thinking about them and enjoying the benefits they can bring. In contrast, New Year resolutions often lead to failure by locking out possibilities.  Statements that begin with “I will” or “I will not” become sink holes into whichContinue reading “A new strategy for your new year resolution?”