Tennis – joining the club

It was the day before my first lesson and I tried on the shoes I’d bought for the occasion.  Have you noticed how joggers present our feet to the world with a new shape?  My old New Balance’s accentuate width.  In contrast, these new Volleys make my feet look longer, leaner.  There is a sensation,Continue reading “Tennis – joining the club”

Hunger and exercise

Increasing exercise increases food cravings.  It’s one of the first stumbling blocks many face when aiming for weight loss; the counterproductive need to eat more.  Then I discover that balancing nutrition gets even trickier if you are trying to create some muscle mass while reducing fat stores.  Information sources Good decisions come from good researchContinue reading “Hunger and exercise”

High-intensity interval training for lazy inclines

The mountain bike became part of the furniture after a V8 rear ended my little, and not-yet-paid-off, Datsun. All I had left from the insurance payout, after the bank took its bit, was enough to buy a push bike. By this time, I no longer had a permanent job and the banks were not givingContinue reading “High-intensity interval training for lazy inclines”

Audit, Reboot, Sustain – Will Phelps’ Ultimate Wellness be useful?

The following quote is a long-winded way of describing the three steps Phelps has written about in her new book, Ultimate Wellness: The Three Step Plan. “I want people to actually think about what they’re doing and think about what they can change, what’s stopping them and how they can overcome those obstacles if theyContinue reading “Audit, Reboot, Sustain – Will Phelps’ Ultimate Wellness be useful?”

Sweat Cards: How to start a successful exercise regime?

Australia is gripped by a heatwave beyond memory that has been linked to climate change, and I’m writing a post about a game to increase opportunities to sweat!!  Could I be so insensitive. Actually, the idea is not as trivial as it first appears. Before the heatwave hit, I was building ideas for my littleContinue reading “Sweat Cards: How to start a successful exercise regime?”