Year Of? A funny name for a category

Why do I have a blog category called Year Of? Well, actually, there’s more than one. There’s 2012, 2013 and now 2014.

The title is not particularly original. The Year Of format can be seen in many places and is used by many organisations as a means of focussing attention on a particular problem. I decided to personalise it, and then discovered I wasn’t the first person to do that.

Posting is erratic. As with many new year resolutions, activity declines as the year progresses. Is the Year Of category worth pursuing?

But why am I asking this question?

The evolving Year Of resolution

Including more physical activity into my life started with exploring: what was available; how did it work; would it work for me; does it work for me; what had I enjoyed in the past but lost.

When the activities became routine, movement became more like study. When that happened, no way was 2013 going to produce a 99.95 for me.

So, in response, it’s not over …

Seasonal solutions to a year-round problem

I began the year with the aim of getting active. This seemed a reasonable follow-on from successful changes to my eating habits last year. Arriving at work with toasted sandwich in one hand and hot coffee in the other, I happily set them down for five minutes while I tackled some stairs as part of my get fit regime.

All was going well until the …

Sitting is deadly

It is claimed that people who sat for more than eight hours a day are at a 15 percent greater risk of early death. While that’s uncomfortable, the real problem is that doing the recommended amount of daily exercise doesn’t cancel the negative impact of sitting.

Are you sitting while you read this?

Apparently … “A light two minute walk every twenty minutes is enough to ..

Why is exercise making me depressed?

You try asking medical professionals why exercise is making you depressed! All I got was puzzlement and shaking of heads. “Exercise is supposed to help depression” was the standard response. I’m looking for someone to draw a line that shows how research that suggests a link between gut health and mental well-being relates to researchContinue reading “Why is exercise making me depressed?”