Illuminating words to boost the brain

Is my ability to read in serious trouble? This post was prompted by an article titled “Classic way to turbo-boost the brain”. It seems we don’t realise how much better off we are when we feel stupid. My reading diet runs in cycles. At the moment, it is bland and unappetising. The challenge has gone. I need to mix it up a bit.


November; not exactly a third attempt at my Year of 30 Days, just an admission that the year didn’t go to plan. Big new plans sidelined every other activity for about four months. I’m just now picking up the threads and working out where each sits in the overall picture. Today is the day I write again. Where will it lead?

Physios and Flat Packs

March; my second attempt at my Year of 30 Days. The idea behind the Year of 30 Days is to throw myself passionately into a topic, a new topic, each month.  During January, I tackled an online learning program called Big History.  That was a great start.  However, February was uneventful as nothing motivated me. Continue reading “Physios and Flat Packs”