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  • What if they asked me?

    What if they asked me?

    I borrowed some questions from an interview and liked where they took me.

  • Mid-year review of distractions

    Mid-year review of distractions

    The book is permanently open. It won’t close. It’s stuck. I could force it by stacking it under something heavy. The book is my bullet journal. I started it in January as part of my Year of Less Distractions because the man in the video said it would help reduce distractions. Does it? Yes, but…

  • The road in context

    The road in context

    The phone needs charging and I’m in a fit of the humdrums. I look over to the bookshelf and ask if there’s anything there to entice me? With this house being so drafty, I haven’t been game to bring my books out of storage – a fear justified by last summer’s dust storms. On top…

  • Procrastination


    If I want to solve a problem, one method I use is to write a blog post about it. This method has one major benefit. It allows me to procrastinate. There’s something over there I should be doing, but for whatever reason I’m just not drawn to it. Why? In this case, the thing over…

  • By way of efficiency comes decline

    By way of efficiency comes decline

    There are a few more jigsaws on tables around the world than might normally be the case. Some people are rediscovering why they gave them up in the first place. Some people might be realising there’s more to this than meets the eye. Visual acuity is a term for clarity of vision. For clarity, we…

  • Distracted by Less Distractions

    Distracted by Less Distractions

    Less distractions; less to write about. That’s what I thought. A Year of Less Distractions should mean being distracted less than has been the usual. With that in mind, I fully expected one of the causalities would be my ‘excessive’ use of YouTube. But it was there I found my first lead on how to…