Scrunch-free creativity

When I was young, I could only wink with one eye. Silly. Winks are only one eye. No, I mean I could only wink on one side. Yesterday, I managed to wink on the other side. It wasn’t a proper wink, with scrunched up muscles, deeper wrinkles and a crooked smile. The right lid closes with barely a scrunch. I closed the right lid and viewed the world only through my left eye.

But why am I winking at all? Yesterday, I pondered the fact that information from the left eye travels to …

Collage, chaos and change

The word, collage, comes from the French coller, “to glue”. It’s a very pre-digital activity.

I started using collage as a way of salvaging photographs and paintings that didn’t work. It evolved into an end in itself when I found myself picking up the camera for the sole purpose of creating a collage.

Photography is often described as a way of seeing. Dissecting the images and re-arranging them pushes that idea further. The action reminds me that …

I believe in exploring

I believe in exploring. I can’t imagine what it must be like to not want to explore.

I was very fortunate to grow up on a farm where there was space and opportunity to indulge childhood fearlessness in adventure. Once we were old enough, my siblings and I spent much of our play time unsupervised. There were five of us and only two adults. I suspect our parents realised quite early that we had some practical common sense about us, and they did teach us the basic rules of life – that actions have consequences and that some things are out-of-bounds for very good reasons. Well, actually it was my uncle who probably taught those lessons best when …