The regretful suspension of habits

Periodically, from time to time, at seemingly random intervals, I have a habit. It seems to be true for most of my habits. Periodically, from time to time, another habit runs it’s course. The exceptions being waking up, going to sleep, cleaning my teeth, which are always there. Daily rituals rather than habits. No. OnContinue reading “The regretful suspension of habits”

And on another Saturday

It’s worked before, so I’ll try it again. This blog post is being written throughout the day as a way of organising my ‘let’s-get-things-done’ list. The day is well underway, with one load of washing already drying. But the list is longer today because last weekend was spent in Canberra (not complaining, it was aContinue reading “And on another Saturday”

Scanning the past

Planning is the critical phase of any project. The more work during the planning stage, the smoother the implementation. So the theory goes. Perhaps so. But the implementation is now devoid of creative fun. I heard a story that Hitchcock, a film director of remarkable note from the first half of last century, would createContinue reading “Scanning the past”

Easter renewal

Sometimes the cultural associations are too strong to shake off. Not that I’m trying. This is not a post about the religious aspects of Easter. (Sorry to disappoint you, Mum.) Instead, it’s how the idea of renewal at this time of year is so, so, so appropriate it could be described as unavoidable. Regardless ofContinue reading “Easter renewal”