Gundagai’s Historic Bridges

A different angle for the Road’s Edge theme today. When approaching the edge of this road and it’s danger sign, you can’t see what awaits over the fence. You can’t be sure how dangerous the danger will be.

In this case, the road’s edge on which the fence is sitting is pretty tame.

I was drawn, instead, to the tense …

Why am I standing on the Road’s Edge?

. At heart, I’m very unstructured.  I wanted to be an artist; I wanted to be lots of different things down through the years, but for this post … I wanted to be an artist. Many of the artists I see in documentaries are very structured. So to get myself started, I embarked on a series. I embarked on a number of differentContinue reading “Why am I standing on the Road’s Edge?”

Weekly Challenge – 50mm Lens

When I started my Road’s Edge series, I tried to include an unwritten focal length rule that limited the shots to 50mm.  This was, in part, necessary to keep the road’s edge running neatly along the bottom edge of the frame.  But it also tapped into this idea that the resulting image was somehow moreContinue reading “Weekly Challenge – 50mm Lens”