Corin Road

It’s easy to solve a problem by moving the goal posts. It’s harder if there’s a rule you have to stick to.

When I started the Road’s Edge series, the rules were simple but strict. Stand on one side of the road. Point the camera directly across, ensuring that the opposite edge of the road sits along one edge of the frame. The aim was to create an image where the road played it’s part in the meaning. To that signature image I could add others to expand the story.

But then I found …

Old Wells Station Road

Old Wells Station Road runs off the main highway into Canberra from Sydney.

I saw the closed sign on my semi-regular weekend run to the green recycling centre. It worried me. This is a rare “country” road inside the boundaries of Canberra. Thankfully, the closure was for utility works – not road works.

Love an old fence post and a bit of barbed wire …

Go Faster Tim – Concrete Barriers in a National Park

I don’t know who Tim was, or is, or why someone wanted him to go faster.

These concrete barriers were an unexpected sight when turning a corner on a twisting mountain road in a national park. They are not unusual on mountain roads around these parts. The rocks break away and fall to the road. I just wasn’t expecting such a feature of urbanisation in a national park.

This is the next installment in my …