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  • Red wrapped saplings

  • Clarrie Hermes Drive

    I feel the need to plant a tree. The Road’s Edge series began on a drive from Canberra to Parkes in central NSW.  I had stopped and photographed interesting scenes before, but on that occasion I was struck by the sensation of standing on the edge of the road.  The location seemed heavily imbued with so…

  • Gundagai Bridges

    Turning a corner and finding these structures emerging from the corner of your eye is an amazing sensation.  I stumbled upon them when I took a wrong turn off the Hume Highway into Gundagai.  The two old wooden bridges cross a flood plain.  I know one is partly used because the road rose to meet…

  • Federal Highway

    The Federal Highway is the main road between Sydney and Canberra.  Over the years, the road has been upgraded – and upgraded and upgraded.  The drive into the Bush Capital is now less bush and more construct.