Not morning mist

It’s a rule I’ve lived by for many years: Don’t mess about in extreme weather. But with the increasing frequency of extreme weather, it is time to identify some coping strategies. It was the day the latest heatwave peaked. So, in theory, I should not have been valiantly trying to start my stubborn car atContinue reading “Not morning mist”

CSIRO Radio Telescope Open Day

I’m old enough to be one of the “We called it the telescope” brigade. It was a little confusing to this little girl because it didn’t look like other telescopes. This weekend, the CSIRO held an open day at their Parkes Radio Telescope. Mum and I headed out as early as we could but stillContinue reading “CSIRO Radio Telescope Open Day”

The unexpected selfie

From time to time, I abandon the viewfinder on the camera, looking instead for the spontaneous and the accidental. It’s very easy on my latest phone camera. During the week, while walking to work, an old and interesting building triggered another session of viewerless photography. I pulled out the phone, reminded myself which button wasContinue reading “The unexpected selfie”


It’s that time again: the yearly trip to The Archibalds on Tour. We were off to see portraits in paint. On the way, I found my attention drawn to architectural features and streetscapes … this in spite of the fact people would be the focus of the exhibition and I wanted to write a blogContinue reading “Archibalds”

Walking Online

I finally built something! This is my Year of Building, it’s only November and I finally built something. There wasn’t much pre-thought. Suddenly, before I could talk myself out of the commitment, I was building a new website about walking tracks in Parkes. It’s called, funnily enough, Walking in Parkes. I did do a little homework firstContinue reading “Walking Online”