NLA’s Mapping Our World Exhibition

It was timely that the National Library’s latest exhibition, Mapping Our World, opened just before I head out on a No Sat Nav drive.  I registered for a guided tour as soon as the phone lines opened so that I could lose myself in the world’s greatest maps.  Although, as it turns out, in such small roomsContinue reading “NLA’s Mapping Our World Exhibition”

No Sat Nav – False Advertising

Are there any tourism sites that promote a location with images of rain-drenched scenery?   NO.   As a result, the mental picture of one’s holiday is built around bright days and gorgeous walks, requiring sunscreen and sunhats.  It’s even possible to imagine the sound of waves and the smell of the eucalypts. That mental image crumbled inContinue reading “No Sat Nav – False Advertising”

Mt Oriel Homestead

:: Actions have consequences.  Progress can create troublesome outcomes. I was preparing for a day trip to Mt Oriel Homestead, also known as Iandra Castle, just north of Young, NSW.  Preparation involves charging batteries and clearing memory cards.  Then there is that moment of decision.  Do I read up on the location and think about someContinue reading “Mt Oriel Homestead”

The Art/Craft Divide

Walking into an exhibition, one carries expectations that are usually based on past experience. If new to the experience, the ideas that underpin our expectations could spring from anywhere – language, television, marketing … anywhere.

If there are to be paintings at the exhibition, then our minds might expect art.

If there are to be ceramics, do we then expect craft?

My experience now tells me that such a neat divide doesn’t work. In the many exhibitions I’ve seen at the Canberra Potters Society, some feel more art than craft, yet others are definitely only craft. This is a very subjective response. It’s my response. So, following a recent conversation, I’ve been thinking about a typology that …

Browsing versus Building

I was an information browser long before internet browsers were invented.  This tendency manifests itself in a number of ways. When I finally had TV to myself and a remote control in my hand, I quickly became a channel surfer. In the library, I would play a game by walking down a randomly selected aisle, stopping randomly, turning eitherContinue reading “Browsing versus Building”