Being prepared for post-production

The video footage plays across the screen and I look for an image, or a selection of images, that will translate my experience into a few brief bites, into a story. The results have been so often disappointing in the past. Why?

I know that I rarely think of narrative structure when taking photos with my digital camera. Instead, I think of light and composition. I try to think about the technical wizardry of the digital equipment. I think about a singular image.

But we are primed to find satisfaction in the narrative arc that culminates in a neat resolution. We are the children of storytellers.

Moving into video, I now need to think about how those singular images build a story.

Don’t press the red button

The task was simple enough.  Unlock the car.  It wasn’t my car.  This made the task slightly more complicated than expected. Those underground car parking stations, surrounded on most sides by concrete, aren’t designed with acoustics in mind.  At least, they aren’t designed with pleasant acoustics in mind.  Perhaps they are designed to amplify screamsContinue reading “Don’t press the red button”

Kangaroos feeding on Mt Majura

:: Kangaroos are a common sight during my morning walks along the mountain trails near my suburb.  This morning, I took the little Lumix with me and snapped this. Something about the camera settings I used, the cloudy day, the auto colour correction in photoshop and the severe cropping have combined to produced this painterly image.  The composition of thisContinue reading “Kangaroos feeding on Mt Majura”

New magazines

The benefits of travelling are often documented, but I wonder if finding new and unusual magazines is regularly included in the list?

It wasn’t deliberate. One night, there was no TV. I was preoccupied uploading the day’s activities to the blog, but Mum hadn’t brought anything to read. I popped down to the newsagents for her. I grabbed the standard Women’s Day because it has a puzzle section in the back. And then I wandered the aisles to see what else might be available.

It’s worth checking out the offerings of local newsagents when you arrive in a new town. Even in a city, the titles differ from suburb to suburb.

On this occasion, I found …