Efficient Eating – Information Sources

Who to believe?  So much information!  And not all of it agrees.  I’ve heard the complaints – “They say this is good for us, and then they change their mind”. In the face of inconsistency, I will keep reminding myself that anything science-y is a movable feast.  For as long as researchers keep researching, there isContinue reading “Efficient Eating – Information Sources”

The Year of Efficient Eating – Introduction

It doesn’t sound particularly original or adventurous.  It sounds like a silly way of saying “going on a diet” or “got to lose weight”. Granted, some weight loss would be a good outcome.  At 88kg, I’m technically just over the obese line, by a smidgen.  I’ve tried focusing on weight loss before but it hasn’tContinue reading “The Year of Efficient Eating – Introduction”