Reading to change

When we pick up a book, be it paperback, hardback or ebook, we expect to be different when we have reached the last page. We might be emotionally different, having traveled our way through the highs and lows of a gripping story. We might be physically different, perhaps relaxed or motivated to face the world […]

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Shuffle Days

The October Long Weekend holiday – three days of music on shuffle, with me just going where it leads.

The shuffle on the iPod randomly selects the next piece to play.

My focus randomly switches to another task. Not in sync; it’s not a dance; it’s an allegory of sorts.

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SR95 The Sandy Lane

The Sandy Lane turns off the main north-south highway, so the expected contrast was the high-tech bitumen of a main artery with the soft dust of a side road.

The contrast that drew my attention was a little different.

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