Are you curious?

Or do you like to make beautiful things?


Perhaps, like me, you also enjoy art and photography.

Or maybe you just like reading something quite random and unexpected with the possibility of delving into a slightly different perspective!


Cherrie Zell started for the singular purpose of encouraging me to explore … not just the big wide world but also technology, my new digital camera, how to run a website and how to write content. Learning by doing.

After many years of blogging,
with multiple site revamps,

It was time for a new tagline:
Living A Bigger Life.


(Then the pandemic happened.)

When I started, I borrowed half the site’s name from my grandmother. This world was too scary then to use my own name. It still is, up to a point, but the way to deal with the tide of anonymous hate is to be real.

Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Cherrie Hornery. I hope you enjoy this tiny slice of the internet and find something uplifting and helpful to take with you.