Eight years of blogging,
with multiple site revamps.

It’s time for a new tagline:
Living A Bigger Life.


Are you curious? Or do you like to make beautiful things?

Perhaps, like me, you also enjoy art and photography.

Or maybe you just like reading something quite random and unexpected with the possibility of learning something new or at least sharing a slightly different perspective!


Cherrie Zell started for the singular purpose of encouraging me to explore … not just the big wide world but also technology, my new digital camera, how to run a website and how to write content.

Learning by doing.

It’s now 2020, and I’ve decided to expand the site to include two more sections.

Cherrie Zell Made will document some of the things I’ve made. I don’t make enough to justify an online shop but would love to sell things I don’t need.

Cherrie Zell History is where I’ll put anything I write that has a family history focus. I’ve acquired a lot of objects down through the years. I’d love to document and share those that have a family and/or historical connection.