Flow Disrupted

The flow was disrupted. First, two neighbouring edge pieces were – are still – missing. Then, part way through, I covered the puzzle one afternoon and took a long time to uncover it.

Yet, this puzzle represents a return to flow after some years away from Canberra. It is one of three puzzles purchased during my trip last year. Once again, there I was walking through Woden Plaza. Here I was buying lunch, again, from the salad shop and browsing the book store I used to frequent.

The brush marks on the image define the flow of paint. One third is taken up by a large swathe of cloth that is draped, scrunched and piled in places. The light is dappled, giving the painter opportunity for bright highlights and deep shadows.

It was the distinctiveness of the brush marks that drew me to particular pieces for the mini jigsaw. And, when assembled, they reminded me of Flow Disrupted.

Flow Disrupted

Series notes

In this photographic series called “Mini Jigsaws”, I select a small number of odd pieces from a puzzle just completed and re-assemble them. The aim is to distill something of the experience thrown up by this particular puzzle.

This was a Puzzle Master Great Artists puzzle called “Sewing the sail, Sorolla”.

One website described the artist, Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, as unsung. This was the first time I’d encountered his work. He was by all accounts an excellent painter, heralded for the way he painted light.

Interestingly, I’ve gravitated to the darker pieces when selecting for my mini jigsaw.

What are your thoughts?

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