Rebooting a weekend project

It’s a new year, but that wasn’t the trigger.

The trigger, the light bulb moment, was the red lawn mower sitting in the middle of my dusty backyard. There is a photo in a similar vein, although dustier, from my 2019 weekend project, 12:32pm Saturday.

Saturday, 2 February, 2019

“Why not!”, I decided with an exclamation mark. I haven’t bothered with a regular weekend project since 2019.

The pandemic allowed some people to find and indulge their creativity, whereas mine was clipped. Working from home had a downside.

Regardless, I will continue to celebrate the upside of working from home. The lack of commute saw my very-organised on-screen life seep and ooze into all corners of my home. Once very organic, in stark contrast to the level of organisation praised by my work colleagues, my home now reaps the benefits.

Although, my choice of “seep” and “ooze” to describe the process suggests I’m not entirely happy with the outcome. I miss those creative moments that once filled my downtime.

And, I was so out of practice I couldn’t think of a new project!

So, I’ve rebooted 12:32pm on a Saturday.

How’s it going?

The problem with a reboot is the lack of freshness. I took my first photo on the first Saturday of the new year. No excitement. No zing. A very run-of-the mill image.

I’m reminding myself that any new project goes through a muddled beginning before settling into its stride.

The idea behind the original 12:32 was to quickly build an image that explained what I was doing at 12:32. Perhaps it is the discipline that I need first to get me back on track.

Perhaps as the weeks roll on, I will find a creative spark that I can bring to each situation.

Saturday, 7 January, 2023


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