Parkes Agricultural Show 2022

“A fresh breeze is blowing after three years of a pandemic; a fresh impetus triggering a return to that original aim for starting CherrieZell.” I wrote that a few weeks ago, at the end of July.

That fresh breeze blew around the house for the next few weeks. A house inspection was scheduled for early September (the fun of renting), and I would use that deadline to get a few things finished after the big re-organisation that began during autumn and dragged on through winter.

But with the annual Parkes Agricultural Show returning after it’s pandemic hiatus, it was time to also think about photographs.

Today, it’s about the Show.


The wet weather continues. Going to the show in the rain was great fun when young but not so much as an aging adult. As a result, the decision – the ‘go/no go’ moment – was only an hour before setting off.

The traditional August date that Parkes occupies on the show circuit makes for an interesting experience – not the depths of winter but not yet spring. There is the potential for a lovely day, but equally we prepare for a mud-soaked and windy walk through the exhibits.

This year, we are still stuck in a La Nina weather pattern but the Parkes Show is going through a transition. During the pandemic, the old grand pavilion was damaged in a big storm, and it’s completely gone now.

It was a very un-show-like view that greeted us as we walked through the gate; we enter a building site.

Some of the smaller older buildings have already been replaced, so there were places for the pavilion’s traditional exhibits, albeit on a smaller footprint.

Just being able to enter something these days should be celebrated.

It was up to sideshow alley to generate the expected visual buzz we associate with a day at the show.




I took these photos holding my phone in my left hand and using the volume key as the shutter release, but I used two different techniques.

When I saw something I particularly wanted to capture, like the bright and bold toy car with its apparently fresh yet peeling paint, I would raise my arm enough to see what I’m doing and still snap away without having to change my grip.

However, many shots were snapped viewerless. That is, I would randomly press the shutter release while swinging my arm by my side. Many shots were subsequently deleted. Nevertheless, I like this style of image capture because my focus stays on my family and our experiences. If there are subsequent serendipitous finds in the results … well, that’s a bonus.

Like that ‘Covid-19 Safe’ sign sitting directly in front of the Rebel Yell-inspired graphic.

Serendipity is my favourite word of all time.


Looking over the results, I see that the lines and colours of construction drew me in, again.

My view of the 2022 Parkes Agricultural Show was dominated by the buildings.



I look forward to seeing what happens next year.


What are your thoughts?

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