The Dying Socials

I’m returning to my core.

When family spread their wings and joined Facebook, I bristled and decided to try blogging. A number of reasons – somewhere to put photos, somewhere for family to check up on me, learn how to write (you can’t do that on Facebook) and, the big one, explore this big wide world. A blog requires content, so get out there and find some.

One aim was to avoid Facebook.

When I moved back to the family home town, my blogging world shrank. More surprising though was the uptick in my Facebook use, as well as an expansion into Instagram and a toying with the idea of a YouTube channel.

When Facebook got its nickers in a twist over being told what to do by the Australian Government, silly Mark decided to ban all news outlets in people’s feeds. My blog site suddenly disappeared from my own feed. I was slightly flattered to be considered a “news” site, but extremely pissed off. So I stopped posting altogether.

Now Instagram is trying to be Tik Tok. I’m not on Tik Tok for a reason. I looked at what was available and chose Instagram because of its point of difference. It suited my needs. That’s how the market is supposed to work. (Yes, I know, I ignored the fact it was owned by Facebook.)

Then Instragram changed. It wants to be Tik Tok. So, now it’s also bye bye Insta.

Not that I did much there, because I’m not taking many photos these days.

A fresh breeze is blowing after three years of a pandemic; a fresh impetus triggering a return to that original aim for starting CherrieZell. My family might be just around the corner, but I need to get out the front door more often.

I need to create content.

With a mask on!

What are your thoughts?

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