I had two choices. I could try again … again … to conquer Monet’s lily pond or take the easier, and rather more colourfully garish, path. I opted for the latter.

It was a very functional puzzle, with nothing particularly exacting or overly interesting.

However, when it was time to fill in the sections of block colour, I noticed the relevance of those small patches and marks as they signalled from the edge their preferred location. Waving, “Over here”.

The periphery came to the foreground, to be celebrated in the latest of my mini jigsaw series.

Peripheries from the past

This is not the first time I’ve enjoyed playing with the periphery. Some years ago, I embarked upon a photographic series that engaged with the patterns and shapes that emerged when casually swinging my phone camera by my side.

Periphery 20150117 4
Periphery 20150124
Periphery 20150131 1

Negative space is the space that is not the subject, the space between and around the subject, sometimes empty, sometimes not, but always directing attention to the main reason for the image. 

Just a glimpse of the subject in the periphery of your vision.


What are your thoughts?

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