Marina Green

What can I say? Some jigsaws seem routine, mundane and functional.

Wandering through the haberdashery and homewares store, shopping for fabric, I unexpectedly spy a pile of jigsaws and pick for purchase the more interesting image of the bunch.

An uninspiring jigsaw is still better than no jigsaw, but it makes it difficult to find a mini jigsaw to create at the end.

Tucked away amid the swathes of golden blue water, golden pink sky and the fleet of white boats tinged with reflected blue, there were the tiniest hints of green. I cannot imagine living where there is no green.

(Yet, I keep shying away from landscape puzzles that contain lots of green.)

Series notes

In this series, I select pieces from a completed puzzle to form a mini jigsaw that captures something of this particular experience.

I’ve called this mini jigsaw Marina Green. Little did I know that there is an actual place called Marina Green Park in San Francisco. It’s a rectangular park, a green haven that’s popular as a place to exercise, with great views of the bay. Perhaps I have inadvertently captured something of that location in my arrangement?

The puzzle image is from the other side of the world: Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark. The puzzle process would have been more interesting if I’d researched this earlier because Hans Christian Anderson lived at No. 20, where he wrote ‘The Princess and the Pea’.

… Oh, I get it now. Peas are green.


What are your thoughts?

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