More red please

We all need a bit of inspiration every day.

I’d run out of jigsaws. There were still some old ones, but they didn’t inspire. Even so, I did try. It was very yellow, and I’d barely started before I abandoned it. So, on a rare shopping trip, when a heavily laddened table of cut-price jigsaws beckoned, I rummaged for inspiration.

I should have baulked at the price. Desperate times. I selected three that were colourful and busy. They came in threes; that’s how you got the discount.

It was ages before I bothered to open one. They really weren’t as inspiring as I’d hoped. The clue was there on the day. If it takes too long to decide, leave it.

For my mini jigsaw, I focused on the only thing that captured my focus. Red. I look at the mini jigsaw and smile. There’s my inspiration for today.

Series Notes

In this photographic series called “Mini Jigsaws”, I select a small number of odd pieces from a puzzle just completed and re-assemble them. The aim is to distill something of the experience thrown up by this particular puzzle.

Normally, I provide details of the particular puzzle but, as the quality of this one was a bit rough, I will pass.

What are your thoughts?

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