Scouring up some nourishment

YouTube Again! Still distracting me, BUT (and it is a ‘but’ in capital letters) it’s proving useful.

Leaving the fashion parades for another post, this is about the latest trigger that popped up in a Feng Shui video in my YouTube feed.

The exquisitely made-up lady in her beautifully presented home said (in translation) that she gave her house a thorough clean every three months. During that clean, anything bringing bad energy was removed.

Perhaps this video resonated because of a recent, but not as extreme, tendency in my own house cleaning.

A bit of context

After a summer of just wiping up red dust after each dust storm, this house has become a sinkhole for the spirit. In another video, a few weeks ago in the midst of our summer heatwave, I saw a not-as-elegant-yet-stylishly-arty type state with much relish that her home nourished her. I was jealous.

Then, the latest in a long line of temp jobs finished a week ago. I love when a temp job is years long, and equally love the forced opportunity for shifting things up a gear.

My first weekend of leisure was spent thoroughly cleaning and clearing my kitchen. If I was going to face it all day every day, it had to be less … the word I’m looking for is not ‘depressing’ as that’s too far along the continuum … maybe ‘discouraging’, maybe not that yet … perhaps just a dampening of the spirit whenever entering the room. There needed to be less of that.

The pantry is refreshed. As is the fridge. And under the sink.

Which brings me to my latest quandary: When and how did I buy seven packets of pot scourers? There’s three in each packet. This stockpile will last for years!

Next steps

During this gorgeous time of freedom from the distraction that is paid work, there’s a rare opportunity to focus energy on getting these rooms a little livelier.

I made a note in my bullet journal:

  • Room assessment
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Functionality
    • Nourishment

For example, the studio rates high on nourishment but very low on both ease of cleaning and functionality, which kinda kills off any attempts I make at being creative and limits just how nourishing it actually is.

In contrast, the bathroom does very well. It’s easy to clean and definitely performing its required function. The numerous indoor plants make it a very nourishing environment.

The aim here is to make each room less of a distraction. That will fit beautifully with my this year’s theme, my Year of Less Distractions.

I’d better get a hurry on, as I want to get paid again soon; hoping to make the most of this opportunity, but don’t want it to last too long.



What are your thoughts?

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