The regretful suspension of habits

Periodically, from time to time, at seemingly random intervals, I have a habit.

It seems to be true for most of my habits. Periodically, from time to time, another habit runs it’s course.

The exceptions being waking up, going to sleep, cleaning my teeth, which are always there. Daily rituals rather than habits.

No. On this occasion, I’m thinking of those helpful habits that suddenly pop into one’s memory as something that used to happen and used to make life a little easier.

I’m not sure where they go. It’s not like I’ve left them anywhere. They are very house-bound habits … except the notebook, but I know I lost sight of it at home, having just found it at home and the finding of it then being the trigger for this little musing.

Let’s start with the notebook then.

Periodically, from time to time, I dedicate a notebook. Part diary. Part list. Part planner. This time, fully lost somewhere during the second half of June or the first half of July. I know this because the 8th of June was crossed off whereas the 21st of July was not. I found it today (the middle of November), after deciding yesterday to buy another one.

What happened? Not entirely sure. It looks like I turned the page and forgot what the notebook was for. Change of use. It morphed and then was unceremoniously sat on a pile of other notebooks.

Perhaps all lost habits have morphed. Perhaps something changed, temporarily, and the return to the status quo wasn’t quite quo.

Avoiding change is not the answer. The temporary suspension of habits is good, just as the ability to stick with habits is good. Both build strong and fruitful connections in our brains. (No references. Look it up for yourself.)

The trick I need to master is the smooth return to supportive norms.

I should make a list of them! That would get the notebook back on track.






What are your thoughts?

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