The unexpected selfie

From time to time, I abandon the viewfinder on the camera, looking instead for the spontaneous and the accidental.

It’s very easy on my latest phone camera.

During the week, while walking to work, an old and interesting building triggered another session of viewerless photography. I pulled out the phone, reminded myself which button was the shutter release and strode alongside the building’s wall. Would the sway of my arm in time with the pace of my stride produce anything worth sharing?

I came away with only one picture of the footpath, and numerous photos of my blue winter coat. On the second pass, my coat must have swooshed across the screen and activated the selfie-mode.

I didn’t know it was so eager for attention.

Swathes of blue

Most of the photos were various hues of blue, with sweeping lines of light and shade. Some were too washed out to be interesting.

I love the intensity of these:

Strange patterns of blue and white

And then there were strange combinations of colours that I couldn’t fathom, but I’m still enjoying the serendipity:

PS: On testing, I must assume it was a fumble on my part because the screen doesn’t react to fabric!




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