And on another Saturday

It’s worked before, so I’ll try it again. This blog post is being written throughout the day as a way of organising my ‘let’s-get-things-done’ list.

The day is well underway, with one load of washing already drying.

But the list is longer today because last weekend was spent in Canberra (not complaining, it was a great weekend). It means both inside and outside look more neglected than usual.


Past attempts at scheduling housework have failed, spectacularly and dismally.

Some people do a big swoosh on Saturday mornings; some do it Friday nights to keep their weekends free. Some tackle a bit each day. Some people have children who pitch in for pocket money.

And some people find life sufficiently unpredictable that tiredness appears from nowhere … and the swoosh is swooshless.

Today, I reminded myself: Don’t forget successful strategies that have worked in the past, because one might work in this case.

So, which strategy applies today? It’s the ‘Sweep-and-dust-this-spot-and-this-spot-only’ strategy. I’ve not written about it before.

The This Spot Only strategy directs the cleaning focus. The Spot is where I’m about to do something that will occupy a significant, or even reasonable, amount of time.

It worked for a while this morning, but has fallen at the blogging hurdle. I sat down here with no sweeping or dusting to precede that act of sitting. Sometimes spontaneity should be allowed to win.


Survey the backyard. Such an embarrassment! And the low fence line is not helping. Embarrassment, very public!

Everything is wet. Any mowing will have to wait until the last hour of daylight.

In the meantime, perhaps I can tidy and remediate. The priority will be the frost coverings. They were very adhoc and rushed, messy and less than effective in places.


No progress yet in the backyard. Morning tea rolled around with nothing enticing in the cupboard. The positive impact of the breakfast muesli and coffee has worn off, so I called a time-out in favour of a hurried trip to the supermarket.

A tub of carmel honey macadamia nut ice cream fights for the dominant position beside the keyboard. The mouse is loosing.


Just 32 minutes until 12:32pm on a Saturday, when I snap the next installment in project 12.32 on Saturday. Some days, this moment sneaks up on me; the alarm goes off at an un-inspiringly awkward moment.

Sometimes, I think about it on Friday night … “what could I be doing at 12.32 tomorrow that would make an interesting picture?”

Only once have I lied, sort of. I was driving back from the hardware store, knowing I wasn’t going to make it home by 12.32, and not wanting a meaningless image of a street. It’s not really a lie. Just a very, very manufactured encounter with someone else’s dog.

Last weekend, I had another image of a road.

So, in 27 minutes time, what will I be doing? I strongly suspect that’s when I’ll finally get around to watering the indoor plants. That would make a nice photo. I should have the cockroach baits swapped over by then … although, if I have to sweep the spot where each old bait was … it might take a bit longer …


And I’m still sweeping up spent cockroach baits. The pack contained 12, and I used them all, scattered along the perimeter of the enclosed verandah, tucked under and behind anything and everything. Who wants their cockroach baits proudly on display!

So lots of furniture moving, dusting and sweeping, scooping up old baits and laying new ones.

At least the plants got a water along the way. Bonus.


Had enough. My feet hurt. Time for some TV, a cup of tea and the rest of the ice cream.

The backyard is unlikely to get any attention today.





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