Cracked the Kanban

Yesterday was a remarkable success! So today, I will remark on it.

Over the years, I’ve developed a variety of ways to structure my day. Or to be more precise … a variety of way to get out of a mess.

First, there was Whirlwind. Very easy to explain. Pick a corner, start in that corner and deal with every little thing as you systematically make your way along a pre-defined path. Requires a steady hand and precise focus.

In stark contrast, there was Shuffle. A Shuffle Day mimicks the shuffle music feature on our electronic devices. You just go where the music, or your muse, takes you. The next thing to capture your focus has probably been niggling for a while. Now is the opportunity to deal with.

Then I heard about Kanban. The idea is to have three and ONLY three items on the doing-now bit of your to do list. I struggled when deliberately creating that to do list. It had 39 items on it and that was just inside – not the garden, not the computer and not the (non-functional) studio.

Yesterday, I finally worked out how to make THREE work in my favour. I’d settled on them without consciously thinking of Kanban, but the idea was probably triggered when the topic came up at work during the week.


That’s an automatic given for the weekend to-do list, particularly in winter. It will always be one of the three.

Re-organising the wardrobe

I’d dashed across to Bunnings during the week to buy a shelving unit so that it would be here, ready to go, first thing Saturday. The task actually started Friday night with some disassembly of the existing wardrobe.

On Saturday, the aim was to assemble the new shelves, create more hanging space, move things around and give it all a good clean.


Last weekend, I’d cleaned the studio and started applying paint to canvas. I was finally branching out and was not going to loose momentum. Progress had to be made in the studio, in spite of the intended focus on the bedroom.

So it worked then?

Yes, it work! The wardrobe looks great, and much more functional. The washing was washed (no brainer, that one). And more paint applied to the canvas. Activity was spread across the three tasks sporadically throughout the day. A bit of this, then a bit of that, back to a bit of this, and so on.

Thinking on it, it was the need to maintain momentum with the painting that drove this three-fold focus. The washing was always going to happen, and the shelving unit had been pre-planned.

So, today I’m going to give it another try. Three items:

  • painting (keep that momentum going)
  • weeding (it rained last night, so weeding is opportune)
  • and a blog post for Walking In Parkes (just because).

As it’s already 10:30. I’d better get stuck in.

What are your thoughts?

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