Scanning the past

The groundwork had been laid.

Planning is the critical phase of any project. The more work during the planning stage, the smoother the implementation.

Perhaps so. But the implementation is now devoid of creative fun.

I heard a story that Hitchcock, a film director of remarkable note from the first half of last century, would create his films on storyboards before filming began. Once the storyboards were completed, he lost interest. The filming was all a bit boring.

I can identify.

For my Year of the Document, I threw myself into planning and organising during January. Now I have to do the physical work of scanning, digitising, recording and annotating.

It’s just not as much fun, but has to be done if desired goals are to be achieved.

What happened next?

The fun bit, I’ve now discovered, is bringing to light … bring light to … these images I haven’t seen for decades. Who knew my family were such edgy photographers?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not laughing at these photos. I love them even though I suspect they were accidents.

Looking back over the slides scanned so far, I can see why I haven’t always subscribed to the “good photo” rhetoric, conditioned as I was from a very young age to see the world from a slightly skewed angle.

What other intrigues and insights will I dig up?

What are your thoughts?

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