Hippos and sheep settling in the garden?

It’s not going to plan. There wasn’t actually a plan, just a broad over-arching thought about direction.

It’s not going to direction.

With a title like The Year Of Building, you’d think there’d be lots of tools, you’d think there’d be lots of work transforming three-dimensional objects into other three-dimensional objects, and you’d think there’d be blog posts about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

There was a random, spontaneous and unexplained purchase of a drop saw that’s sitting in an unopened box.

With so much of the year past and no real start at Building, it’s looking like one epic fail of a resolution. But this morning I discovered otherwise, and I’m not sure if I’m pleased or disappointed.

Unfortunately, building new habits doesn’t make for riveting reading! No smashed thumbs, straying rivetts or sanded fingernails. No rushing off to emergency, or to my Mum for a bandaid.

What happened?

Moving upsets established routines. Inevitably. Moving to a smaller population centre sets up some extra challenges.

Settling into a routine takes some settling when you’re not a settler. The definition of a settler is a person who moves with a group to a new place (returning to your group is a different arrangement). A settler is a person who has looked beyond current circumstances, decided to change them and then STOPPED looking beyond, or around, or through to ….

A settler is not an explorer.

Thankfully, all is not lost.  An explorer is allowed, and benefits from, a well organised base camp. Habits for habitat.

What’s happening?

Some habits are proving elusive, like trying to book a suitably timed doctor’s appointment or finding a healthy takeaway lunch that isn’t drowning in packaging.

Others are progressing, such as getting the garden established, functional and manageable. It needs to tick along without much effort while I get on with making a living. Going without one is not an option.

And other habits are being swept along on a tide of seemingly populist social change. I say ‘seemingly populist’ because it probably depends on where you source information. Have you heard about the plastic crisis, or do you think it’s a conspiracy designed to bring capitalism to its knees after the Occupy movement failed?

Plastic Free July

What hasn’t happened?

The big difference, I’ve recently realised, is not just sourcing information but generating it; taking disparate pieces of knowledge, working through each one, comparing and contrasting, and producing something new and useful, or at least something re-packaged usefully. It’s how I used to earn my living.

When not making a living that way, I need to find another avenue for that habit.

Diary-style blogging (ie this article) was a way of sharing with distant family. Most of that I now do face-to-face and on short-and-snappy Facebook.

Maybe it’s time to make space for an unused habit, to set aside this diary blogging in favour of other writing styles, like these for example:

Long Term Cognitive Health

Hippo Challenge


What’s next?

As with all change … start as I mean to go on, until I find a better way!

What are your thoughts?

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