Weekly photo challenge – Line

Line is one of those photo challenges that pops up regularly. It’s fundamental. To most things.

I searched my photo archive and found Converging Lines, Curved Lines, Storytelling Lines, Leading Lines, Tree Line and, at the very start, Line Study (a little pretentious was I at the beginning – ‘Study’ – for a photo about a line!)

These photo challenges were a different beast when I first started, back in 2013. Eagerly I’d check the website each Saturday morning for this week’s challenge and then give myself one hour to create from scratch a photo to submit. It was an opportunity to learn more about my camera while intellectually exploring ideas and concepts.

Now I have the option to be lazy. Five years on, I’ve enough stock in the archive from which to choose. Occasionally I might get a bit “intellectual” about it all.

My first Line Study

These are the results of that quick jaunt outdoors with the camera. Surprisingly, I still like them. And, Yes, that was my fence.




Other ‘studies’ followed

Converging Lines:


Curved Lines:


Leading Lines:


And what about today?

The Daily Press Line challenge used as its trigger a photo of interplaying lines – the organic lines of a old and beautiful tree, contrasting with the formal lines of the building.  It’s an amazing tree. You can see it by clicking here.

I went looking for interplaying lines that produced a restful contrast.

Can contrasts be restful? I think so. Just add a lot of green.



What do you think?



What are your thoughts?

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