And a new year begins


New Year’s morning and Mum checks my blog. She’s eager to know the theme I’ve selected for this year’s Year Of.

I hadn’t typed it up yet.

I hadn’t even typed up the review of 2017!

Now with the review out of the way, I can settle into preparing for 2018.

My Year Of format is designed for open exploration. The aim is to keep it as loose as possible so that life (and wonder, if there’s to be any) can take the year wherever it may lead.

I have learnt that the theme needs to build upon something that has gone before, because picking something out of the blue, like Year of 30 Days, with it’s unconnected yet catchy title, is the first step to minimal action.

But I’ve also learnt that novelty is vital because it triggers motivation, which is why the Year of Sweat Squared unsuccessfully followed on from the comparatively successful Year of Sweat. I’m finally being honest with myself that this process is not about radical overhauls but progress towards improvement. (Hence my reassessment of Sweat as Successful.)

When I told Mum this year would be the Year of Building, she said with a strongly evident exclamation mark … “You’re going to build your caravan!”

Perhaps I will. Perhaps I won’t.




Why Building?


It started with a book I’d read recently (and wrote a post about) – Outliers.

In thinking about my cultural background, I came to the conclusion that the pioneering spirit of my ancestors was still evident, even though I’d lost sight of it.

I didn’t call the year Pioneering because that’s too broad. A bit more focus was needed, so I settled upon Building.

… and about now, a rendition of Maurice Jarre’s ‘Building the Barn’ is playing in my head. Do you remember the scene from the movie ‘The Witness’?

And on that note … those notes … because any possibility of rational thought has fallen through the rafters … I’ll have to wait for another opportunity to think about how to get this resolution started













2 responses to “And a new year begins”

  1. Tracey Crump Avatar
    Tracey Crump

    Happy New Year to you Cherrie. I look forward to reading about your Year of Building!


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      Happy New Year to as well Tracey. I also look forward to reading about my year, but I suppose I better write it first.


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