Weekly photo challenge – Danger

Is it a warning sign or a modernist painting? Or both?


I followed instructions and heeded this sign. The discolouration, the missing text, the unaffected red triangle. I couldn’t resist including it in the bag of shots I brought back from my walk at Lake Tuggeranong in Canberra.



But there was one problem. I forgot to change the camera’s white balance setting. it was still set to “interior”. As a result, everything got a bit blue.


For this week’s Daily Press photo challenge, we were asked to …

“share a photo that says Danger! to you. A view down the steep hill you’re about to bike, the last piece of cake that’s in danger of being eaten, signage in your town warning you about gigantic sword-toting shrubbery — there are lots of places you can take this, not all of them scary.” (Daily Press)


This has become one of my favourite accidental photos. I cropped it severely top and bottom. That, along with the blue tint, helps to blend the foreground and background.

The viewing plane can one minute seem very flat and another seem full of perspective. A bit like falling into water, if you’ve ever fallen into water.

Do we dance along the myriad of patterns or settle on the red triangle? The eyes are unsure. A bit like falling into water.

I like a photo that isn’t over quickly.

Does that make it a dangerous photo?


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