I need a better strategy


You know you have a problem when you buy another pair of knitting needles because you don’t know where to find your stash of knitting needles.

It’s not age (though at my age, age could be a reasonable excuse). Instead, its the storage shed strategy. It doesn’t work. I need a better strategy.


Storage Shed 1


I re-organised the sheds after the initial move, and the aim was to get everything into one so I didn’t have to pay for two.

It won’t take long, I said to myself. Wrong. I still have two sheds.

I’ll set it up so I can access anything I might need, I said to myself. I can move a couple of things if necessary, it won’t be for long, I said to myself. Wrong, again. I still have the sheds.

The issue came to a head, not because of the knitting needles, that was weeks ago, but because of the cold weather. I’ve been writing for months about the heat. Now the nights are slipping increasingly into the teens, even a couple below 10, and I need a coat.

I’ll be out of here before winter, I had said to myself …

The box containing my winter coats is way down the back. It’s a big box. There’s a lot of stuff to move.


Storage Shed 2


I still have the two sheds because I didn’t quite fit into one. If I willingly give up the idea of accessing anything, then I’d fit. But I’m not prepared to do that.

Instead, the new storage shed strategy is to spread myself evenly over the two spaces so I can improve access.

It will also give me space to do that next round of decluttering. There’ll be space to sort and think, “Am I really going to start/finish this project?”, “What are my future plans?”, “Am I the best option for holding onto family history?”, “Can I turn this into an interesting blog post?”.

There is now a designated spot at the front for “recycling” and “rubbish”.

AND … I’ve already found the knitting supplies!


Box labelled Knitting



What are your thoughts?

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