Weekly photo challenge – Security


Browsing through the Facebook feed, I couldn’t help but watch a little video about trees. I hope this link works …


The video got me thinking about the trees I’d seen on my walks these last few years.

“I’ll rummage up some photos and write a blog post”, I thought to myself.

It was at this point I remembered that the Daily Post weekly photo challenge was Security … now there’s a serendipitous connection …

Words cannot fully describe the security that trees provide!



This isn’t just a photo challenge.

It’s motivation. It’s time to get walking again. It’s time to have a bath.



World Economic Forum. “The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientificially proven to be good for you”.  https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/03/the-japanese-practice-of-forest-bathing-is-scientificially-proven-to-be-good-for-you


What are your thoughts?

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