Weekly photo challenge – The Road Taken


The Road Taken is past tense. It implies we’ve reached somewhere. Have we?

This week’s photo challenge is to share “the excitement, surprise, wonder or amazement of your road taken”.

The challenge entries I’ve seen so far are mostly of holidays, with only a handful celebrating their here and now.

Holidays are more likely to produce wonder and amazement. During a holiday, we are usually somewhere different. We are usually free of the cares that bog us down back home. We are relaxed and open.

However, I think our well-being needs a few “oh my” moments a little more often than that.

In my road currently taken, I don’t feel I’ve reached anywhere yet. The city to country transition is ongoing. I know I’m here, but there’s still a lot of settling to do.

Thankfully, the “oh my” moments are still sneaking up and bringing a smile regularly my face.

For this challenge, I’d like to share some everyday surprises, when something caught my eye during the routine humdrum of the day.  I’ve divided them into those from the city and those from the country. There’s a definite difference between the two – as one might expect!

The Country

The City


What are your thoughts?

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