Nice new buttons


In my Year of Making Things Nice, the focus is on taking things up a level. Not just the big things; the little things count just as much … perhaps more.

I have an old black shirt that is big, soft and flowing, and so very comfortable. Silk. I love natural fibres. Cheap silk. I’m not made of money.

It’s a funny sort of shirt because it’s actually two shirts. I wanted something long, so attached the hem of one to the hem of another that I’d cut off under the sleeves. The resulting slit in each side seam is conveniently located over my trouser pockets!

This dear old shirt is also very worn. You could say it looks well loved … almost.

The buttons were letting the show down terribly. One button was gone and a safety pin took its place. Another was almost gone, dangling on a long thread, and pretty useless at performing its designated task.

Could I make this old thing look a little chic? Perhaps if I replaced the buttons.




What are your thoughts?

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