If we were having coffee …

… I’d have to tell about this amazing cup of tea I had on Thursday! By amazing, I mean an experience like nothing I’d ever felt.

It all started about 11 in the morning.  That’s not when I was drinking the tea.  That’s when I realised something wasn’t right.

My first thought was sugar crash. I’d had three sweet biscuits that morning. They were a little sweeter than I’m used to.

Sugar could still have been a factor, but it didn’t explain the pain that slowly began to break through what was steadily becoming an excruciating fatigue.

Nevertheless, in the hope of keying myself up a bit, I made a cup of tea.  It was a standard cup of tea. Usual brand of tea bag. Usual cup. Usual source of hot water.

Perhaps I should be more specific. I’m trying to tell you about a single sip from that cup of tea. I can’t tell you much about it. Remember, there was some serious fatigue going on at this time. I can only assume it had something to do with the exact temperature of that particular sip. Other variables are lost.

And here’s the puzzle … because in the many, many cups of tea I’ve consumed over the years, surely I would have experienced that exact temperature before now.

No, I think the trick was the timing in relation to whatever was going on that afternoon.

As the warmth of tea hit the inside of my throat, there was a cascade of delicate temperatures breaking like waves across the cell membranes, striking each cold barrier, enveloping and moving on, emanating ever outwards toward the far edges.

Perhaps fatigue was the key. Perhaps I had the opportunity to notice this, for the first time, because my brain was more off-line than on!





What are your thoughts?

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