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Weekly photo challenge – Look up

The selfie setting on your phone doesn't have to be about you.


Have you noticed how many selfies involve looking up?  And if a selfie stick is involved, looking up is usually mandatory.

I’ve been trying to take a photo everyday as a way of keeping on top of ageing. Hopefully, perhaps helpfully, setting up a habit that encourages me to pay attention to my surroundings will delay some of that cognitive decline that comes with advancing years. The photos are taken with my phone’s camera. No selfies are involved.

One day, I was struggling to capture an interesting image. The object was odd – two long skinny poles stuck in the ground, orange, deliberately crossed. Nothing worked. So I decided to try the selfie setting. Perhaps that way I could get the camera into a position for a better background.

It worked.

For this Daily Post weekly challenge I’ve assembled a selection of these images that involved “looking up” with the selfie setting.



1 comment on “Weekly photo challenge – Look up

  1. Nicely done.


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