If we were having coffee …

… you would have to listen to an anti-Facebook rant … although, “anti” is probably too strong a word … more like “can-you-believe-how-much-life-gets-sucked-out-of-you-when-you-join-Facebook”.

I’d heard of the impact of social media, many many times. I signed up for blogging with WordPress as an alternative to the negatives of Facebook, but eventually joined up anyway. All those WordPress articles recommending blog promotion on various social media sites didn’t help my resolve!

I suppose every new thing we try has an impact – positive or negative or a mixture of both. Is a neutral impact even possible?

Alright, for you I’ll try to be positive (groan).  Yes, I’ve connected with dispersed family members.  A wonderful outcome.  Yes, I’ve connected to some interesting organisations, watched numerous videos of people doing fascinating things all around the world, lots of inspiration, beauty and … I even had a moment of connection with work mates when we realised we’d all seen the Arctic piano video.

Can you see my problem emerging?  I sit down at the computer, open Facebook and immediately my focus is scattered across a myriad of topics, all of which fleetingly pass as momentary pockets of delight. It’s not quite candy and confection, I recognise the substance, but it is superficial. I barely scratch the surface of what I see.

Since signing up at the beginning of this year, I’ve blogged 21 times, about 3 posts per month. Last year, over the same time period, I’d written 40 pieces with lots of photographs.

It’s not that Facebook is taking up lots of time. But it is scattering my focus.

The heart of the problem is evident when I look at the types of posts I’ve written this year. Only 4 … FOUR … involved researching and/or thinking about a topic in some depth.

Facebook IS making me feel connected … it is ALSO leaving me very, very hungry.

Pass me another biscotti.




2 responses to “If we were having coffee …”

  1. amiewrites74 Avatar

    I feel you on this. Facebook is such a double edged sword. I’ve made some great connections there but so many negatives as well. I complain about it sometimes but never seem to be able to walk away.


    1. Cherrie Zell Avatar

      So true. I’ve no plans on walking away. My next step is to work out how to manage the negatives. Get some of that deliberate focus back, dig into ideas, try stuff, get back into some proper exploring!!!

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