Weekly photo challenge – Pure


This week’s Daily Post photo challenge has left me a little worried. Pure is a difficult concept, full of complexity and paradox, both good and evil.

For example, I could not be typing today and posting this post without the existence of clean rooms … environments so pure that no particle of dust could contaminate the circuitry made in them that makes my laptop function.

Yet, while I type, or in between typing, I dip my spoon into a tub of toffee choc honeycomb ice cream … so full of chunks of yumminess that it makes contaminating the vanilla base so essentially worthwhile.

Many years ago, I heard about a process called the Dialectic.  You start with a position. Opposed to it is a contrary position. Out of this opposition comes a synthesis, a new position that embraces both. That new position also has an opposite. Out of this new opposition comes another synthesis. And so it goes on. It never stops.

I think some people don’t understand that it never stops.  They have given a name to its fictitious end point, as if it is achievable. Some people even erroneously believe they have reached it, that there’s nothing more to say.

Have I? If I take today’s flow of thoughts to their conclusion, if I combine the contents of each of my jars, find their opposition in the wet ingredients, I’ll end up with a synthesis called Cake.

Opps, just named my end point.










One response to “Weekly photo challenge – Pure”

  1. Abhigyan Saha Avatar

    Never thought that way before. Thanks for the thought.


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