Driving home a point on the bookshelf

Some people find reading difficult. The pathways within the brain just can’t co-ordinate the process. Not their fault. These days the written word is not as central as it once was. There are many sub cultures within society in which a non-reader can excel.

A non-reader is not necessarily illiterate. They just tend to get their information another way.

Nevertheless, there is a connection between the success of the non-reader today and the importance of the written word in times past as the means for conveying and creating knowledge. It is a connection that intrigues me.

Is there anything today that did not originate in knowledge written in old books?

Will there be a time again where written knowledge becomes unnecessary?

Series notes

In this photographic series called “Mini Jigsaws”, I select a small number of pieces from a puzzle just completed and re-assemble them. The aim is to distill something of the experience thrown up by this particular puzzle.

The puzzle

Last year, I cleared out a few places around the house. Lounge room. Bedroom. Spare room. A lot of books. The aim was to work out which to keep and which to donate. Photos were taken to illustrate the blog post. This puzzle is one of those photos!  I’ll call it “Bookshelf”.  One of my sisters turned it into a jigsaw as a present.





What are your thoughts?

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